Choker Necklace Package

Delight your daughter with a perfect mess-free craft activity for a birthday party where the children make their own loot bags, saving you time and money. Our party room can comfortably seat up to 14 children with room for a food and gift table.

In this package children are taught to make a choker necklace using memory wire, charms and beads along with a matching stretch bracelet. We offer a large variety of beads and charms for the children to chose from, each participant is taught to design their own necklace on a bead board.

We love the children’s excitement when they see the many beautiful beads and charms that they can choose from. Once they have completed their work of art, the birthday girl is able to open gifts and your guests may eat if you choose to bring food in.

The package includes beading materials, instructor for 90 minutes, (the room may be used for up to 2 hours) and a cute jewelry storage pouch. The cost is $150 for 10 children or less, $10 for each additional child.

(Recommended ages 9 and up)